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The Caring Community

The Caring Community provides bikur cholim, an outstretched arm, for the homebound and ill. We are here for you!

Are you or is someone you know ill and in need of community support? Would you like to speak with another adult, someone who is not your son or daughter, someone who is not your parent? Perhaps you just want to open your heart because you are faced with a life transition such as a diagnosis of breast cancer or the illness of a young child, or a death in the family.

Call Phil Wallace at (424) 208-8932, and our trained volunteers, or Chaverim, will extend a hand and bring the blessings of the congregation to you. Our Chaverim are professionally trained and understand and maintain confidentiality. Chairperson Andrea Pflug and Program Chairperson Susan Grad make it all come together.

Become a Volunteer, or Chaver, in the Caring Community Program

The Caring Community trains volunteers from all walks of life to be of service to individuals and families within our synagogue. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds but have one thing in common: we are all Wilshire Boulevard Temple members who wish to be of service to fellow Temple members facing difficult life challenges. As a Chaver, you become a unique friend, there to listen and offer support.

So far, over 30 volunteers have been professionally trained to serve as Chaverim and commit to being available a few hours a month. We also provide continuing education, with full continuing education credit. If you would like to become a Chaver or learn more about the Caring Community program, please contact Phil Wallace at (424) 208-8932.

See and hear Jan Burns and Patti Stein speak about volunteering.

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