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Disaster Response Team of
Wilshire Boulevard Temple


When natural disasters strike, we’re fixed on the news and want to help. Physical and financial donations are essential, but it can’t stop there. That’s why we’re building a Disaster Response Team—so
we can be on the ground in the days and weeks after a disaster, responding in a meaningful way to the needs of those affected!

In the wake of Super Storm Sandy, a small team from the Temple traveled to New York to aid in the relief efforts in partnership with NECHAMA. Last spring, a small group flew to Oklahoma in the aftermath of the tornados to work with NECHAMA in the cleanup efforts, and this fall we went to Colorado to help rebuild flood-damaged homes.

View photos from our Colorado trip here.

Stay tuned for information about future trips and our preparedness trainings. 

You can donate to our Disaster Response Fund anytime by visiting our Donation page and choosing Disaster Relief Fund in the designation.

Let us know if you're interested; contact Denise Magilnick at (424) 208-8930 or dmagilnick@wbtla.org 

 Do you have a plan for you and your family in case of an emergency?

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