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Pesach - Livening Up Your Seder

The Seder nights are one of the most memorable of the Jewish calendar. Many of us have fond memories of our family Seders. Others just remember the grown ups reading the Haggadah round the table, as our tummies rumbled and we wondered if dinner was ever coming.

But the Seder shouldn't be dull. Long before the days of multimedia, in the times of the Mishnah, the Seder was a audio-visual re-enactment of the going out of Egypt for the children. In some communities the father would dress up in white robes, holding a stick with an attached cloth and walk around the table chanting the passage, "We were slave to Pharaoh in Egypt..."

The whole aim was -- and continues to be -- to stimulate the kids to ask questions and get involved in the Seder. The "props" -- be it the Seder plate, or the cushions for leaning -- are all there in order to arouse curiosity in our kids and get them asking questions.

Here are a number of ideas to help liven up your seder!

A Seder Rap: Rabbi David Eshel

Now that's Funny! Rabbi Gersh Lazarow

Tips for Creating Child-friendly Seders: From our Early Childhood Centers

Planning Ahead

Let All Who are Hungry Come and Eat!

Seder Set-up

Other Activities

Tradition, Tradition, Tradition...


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