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Pesach Music

Music helps to tell stories, speaking louder than mere words. Pesach is z'man cheiruteinu, time of our freedom, and the joy of that time is evident in the music of the season. There are songs about the many favors that were bestowed upon us when God brought us out of Egypt; songs expressing our hopes for a future of true freedom; songs of praise, expressing the excitement, exuberance and even some craziness with which we celebrate our freedom. Music adds to the joy of the retelling of the Exodus and our liberation, and is a great source in energizing your Seder. So use our resources, listen to the music, play it, even sing it yourself, and have a zisen Pesach—a sweet, wonderful and musical Seder!

 Digital copy of our Haggadah 1


 Festival Candle Blessing

 Kadesh Urchatz

 Festival Kiddush

 Ha Lachma

 Ma Nishtana

 Avadim Hayinu

 Avadim Hayinu 2

 Bang Bang Bang



 Haleluyah Avdei

 Btzeit Yisrael

 Eliyahu Hanavi

 Min Hameitzar

 Chad Gadya

 Adir Hu

 One Morning

 Venomar Lefanav



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