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Pesach Recipes

While the main meal of the Pesach Seder often varies from country to country – and family to family – there are several specific ingredients to a Seder that are part of every celebration, whether it is held in Jerusalem, Sydney or New York City. This is because they symbolize specific portions of the story that is traditionally related during the Passover Seder and, partaking of the food becomes a tangible metaphor for taking in the teaching and the history and is, of course, part of the whole meaning of being Jewish.

Everyone has their own family traditions when it comes to Pesach food but we thought it would be nice to share some of our congregational recipes with you and your family.

An Entire Passover Seder: John Bard

Brisket For Passover: Doug Lynn

Fanny's Northwest Baked Geflite Fish and Babaloo's Farfel Muffins: Howard Kaplan

Easy Traditional Charoset: Rabbi Harvey J. Fields, Ph.D.

Lazy Cook's Gefilte Fish: Sybil Fields

Various Recipes: Parents from the "Raising a Jewish Child 101" Committee


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